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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Update and staying on track at the weekend!

So last week I had a gain, 1.5 lbs. Could have been worse and was totally expected after an awesome weekend of 80s Rewind Festival, lots of junk food, booze and meals out.

So I'm trying to reign it back in this week in the hopes that I can lose that 1.5 lbs by Thursday. I'm doing a couple of SP days this week.

Over the weekend is where I always struggle though. Especially this weekend as we were moving. So no one felt like cooking! And we ended up having 2 takeaways. On Friday we got Chinese and I know I went over my syns by a lot. I also had wine. BUT... I wrote it all down and decided to reduce my syns for the other days of the week, so that I don't go over the 105 total.

Then Saturday night, an Indian takeaway was suggested. This time I decided to limit the damage and googled the best options syn wise. It turned out vegetable dhansak was the lowest, at 6.5 syns and I ordered plain boiled rice as a free accompaniment. I skipped the wine and the breads/bhajis etc and managed to stay under my syns for the day.

Then yesterday was bank holiday and we had a barbecue. And I managed to have a full BBQ meal for only 1/2  syn. I had:

1 Linda McCartney red onion sausage (free)
1 Linda McCartney regular sausage (1/2 syn)
1 vegan quorn fillet
Some homemade syn free BBQ sauce*
Roasted potatoes done in Frylight
Corn on the cob
Sweetcorn/Edamame salad
Regular Salad

That's a pretty decent meal! I was originally going to have a Linda McCartney burger which are 4.5 syns, but by swapping that out for the quorn fillet, I had enough syns for a Rowntrees fruit pastille ice lolly for 3 syns!)

(* recipe is coming for bbq sauce soon, as soon as I figure out the measurements!)

Hope you all had a fab bank holiday weekend!
Sal xXx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Weigh In 18.08.2016

Last night was my second weigh in after starting back and I only lost half a pound, which I was a bit disappointed but not surprised about (strayed from the plan on Saturday!). However, I lost 6.5 lbs the week before so this put me at 7 lbs and I got my 1/2 stone award. YAY!

Have an awesome weekend.
Sal xXx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

About me...

Hello there to anyone reading this.

I decided to start this blog as there are not a great deal of resources out there for those of us who follow Slimming World as a vegan.

So about me: My name is Sal and I started SW in March 2015 and lost around a stone. Then fell off the wagon, went back on, fell off..... you get the drill! Anyway, I put that stone back on with interest and so now I'm back at group and with only just over a year til my wedding, I'm more determined than ever to get healthier.

Some of you may know my other blog, but I wanted to keep this separate from that one, because that is not what my other blog is about.

So anyway, welcome to my blog. I'm planning on posting recipes, food diaries, meal ideas, syns of vegan stuff.... you get the gist. I'm hoping that this blog is useful and also that it aids as a useful tool to help me stay on track with my weight loss.

I'd love to chat with you soon so don't be shy about leaving comments or talking to me on twitter or instagram (links over there >>>).

Sal xXx