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Friday, 9 June 2017

What I ate in a day & weigh in

First things first, down 1 lb this week! Considering last weekend was my birthday and a lot of prosecco and cake was consumed, I'm happy with that!

So here's what I ate on Wednesday (as per my last food diary, I didn't eat breakfast, just had water and tea - I'm just not finding myself that hungry in the morning and am preferring having a couple of bigger meals instead!)

Brunch and I'm getting predictable aren't I! Tofu scramble but this time I added veggies.

Dinner - easy comfort food of sausages and noochy mash and green veg

When cooking dinner I had a glass of this, aka my new favourite thing! (If you have a decent sized Sainsbury's near you, you should go look for it now!)

I also had some strawberries, because British Strawberries are in season right now and if you get the really red ones, they are usually amazing! But it's such a short window of opportunity before the good ones are all gone again. These were good though, they didn't need anything on them.

Later on I had a tesco toffee chocolate free from cone thing, but forgot to take a photo, duh! Sorry.

So here's the breakdown of the day. I was a bit low on calories, (I wouldn't normally finish that low) even after eating a tesco cornetto. I think it was because I didn't have any snacks as it was a busy day ! Also, I was not that hungry. I made up for it yesterday with Nando's though :)

Have an awesome weekend!
Sal xXx

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